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Sixteen year old girls shouldn't be spaceship captains. Apparently, no one told her...
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Chronologically  (Thus far) :
1. Father and Daughter - Paul Simon
2. I Won't Back Down - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
3. Heard It Through the Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
4. Can't Hurry Love - The Supremes
5. Devil in Disguise - Elvis
6. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
7. Two Sets of Joneses - Big Tent Revival
8. Underdog - Audio Adrenaline
9. Reason to Believe - Bruce Springsteen
10. Blackbird - Third Day
11. Hush - Waterdeep
12. Man of God - Audio Adrenaline
13. The Gambler  - Kenny Rogers
14. The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash
15. Work - Jars of Clay
16. My Jesus - Todd Agnew
17. Empty - Ray LaMontagne
18. I Can't Fight This Feeling - REO Speedwagon
19. All Who Are Thirsty - Kutless
20. Superfly - OC Supertones
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Harriet M. Welsch, from "Harriet the Spy, changed my life. It's because of her that I am now in college pursuing an English degree and working on my second novel!
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These are my first-ever HP icons!! I hope you like them!! Thanks to everyone who helped me post!!!

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If you could rename yourself in real life, what would you choose, and why?

I love my name. (Sarah Elizabeth) It's biblical and also comes from my family.
But I would love to have a longer name.

Sarah Elizabeth Theodora Joan Wofford

I would go by Teddy, like my great grandma.

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If you won $100 this afternoon, what would you do with it?

First, I'd fill up my car with gas. Next, I'd head to Barnes and Noble, but a few books and perhaps a journal. Oh, and of course, the obligitory cup of coffee from Starbucks. With what little money I had left, I would go home and stuff it in a book for a rainy day.
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Is anyone else a little.... disappointed?
I still love this series, but I feel like everything ended (especially that friggin' epilogue) way too neat and tidy.

Yeah, the following is a bit of a rant, but no flames please. Just keep in mind, I'm still a Hogwarts witch at heart!

Let's be honest: the characters who died in this one weren't  exactly that important. Lupin was probably the most significant, and he's still just a mentor to Harry. Harry's still got his favorite Weasley's, Hermione, Hagrid... None one in his year, those who he was the closest to, died. To me it felt like Rowling was trying to write this really gritty and life-like story (albeit set in this fantasy world) and show that Harry was really learning about sacrifice and courage... but then she wimped out. Snape's death was good, but a touch cliche. Incidently, it was also the only death in this book that actually moved the plot forward. It seems to me that Rowling was unsure about how dark she wanted the story to be. It's the shifting that the story seems to do, from a little dark to putridly bright that bothered me.

My next issue is taken with the "romances." Forced. That's all I can say. Things that weren't honestly breached until the 6th book were suddenly one the forefront. Up until about half way through HBP, I had no issue at all with the pace at which the relationships were progressing. Then it was just WAM. Romance. Things just happened to quickly and it was in those bits of the book that I heard Rowling the most. She was making the characters say and do things, instead of just taking dictation.

Now, to my final complaint: that epilogue.
I'm usually a big fan of epilogues. But this one made me want to cry. Not because of how touching it was, but because I realized a few lines into it that she was doing what I feared she would do. She was cleaning everything up. Yeah, I know she doesn't want anyone to write any more after her, but still. I may very well be alone in this thinking, but I don't want my story ending to be gift-wrapped for me. She left nothing to the imagination! I was still trying to come to terms with all of these new-found relationships and suddenly she's gonna throw a bunch of marriages and kids and whatnot at me!? Not cool. I wanted the ending to be a little open-ended, a little mysterious. I wanted to be left wanting more. Instead she gave me too much. I am thoroughly disappointed.
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Title: Big Iron

Author: deadpoetwoffie

Rating: PG-13 ish

Spoilers: none

Disclaimer: I don’t own River or Jayne, or any of the Serenity crew. Marty Robbins owns the song “Big Iron.” Lyrics here


            He came riding in on a big, black steed from the south side of town. He was tall. Muscular. His long brown duster was open, proudly displaying the massive pistol gleaming in the sun on his hip. He wore a cowboy hat low over his steely blue eyes. He rode into town and tied his horse up outside of the local saloon.

            “He’s an outlaw. Wanted on thirteen different planets.”

            “Gonna be hung on the spot if the alliance ever find him.”

            The townsfolk, not used to strangers sauntering into their little town, whispered among themselves as to the large man with the big gun.


            Mal was supposed to be the one on the Agua Fria  job. He had the cowboy jaunt down pat and would be more believable. But the Captain had gone and gotten himself the flu on their last job, so here was Jayne, riding into some little Podunk village on a horse. At least Mal had told him to look as menacing as possible and that was something Jayne was especially good at.


            The man silently ordered a drink and sat in the corner of the room, watching the people from under the brim of his hat. After a while he motioned for one of the bar girls. She walked uneasily over too him.

            “Yessir?” she asked, not really wanting to wait on this particular patron.

            “Name’s Cobb.” The man reached inside of his duster pulled out a small, circular badge with a star in the middle. “I’m a Ranger, from Santo. Ain’t gonna be here long, but I hear ya’ll have a bit of a problem with a fella calls himself Texas Red.”


            Jayne felt like a complete idiot pulling out that badge. He could remember very well giving the local Ranger back home all the hell he could take and now here he was pretending to be one.

            The job was simple, though. He came into town, told ‘em he was a Ranger looking for this Texas Red punk and waited for the little puke to show up. And Jayne was certain that he would show up. He was some young kid, about 24 or so, who thought he was big and bad because he had robbed a few small banks and killed the weaklings that had come to kill him. Jayne was gonna wait ‘til he showed up, then shoot him. Well, actually he was wanted alive or dead, but Jayne figured that alive would take too much time and he had a crazy little missus to get back to.


            The bar girl nodded her understanding and scampered away from the Ranger. She whispered her news to the bartender and about an hour later the whole saloon was buzzing with the news.

            Texas Red was the bane of  Agua Fria’s existence. He had robbed their stores and raped their women and killed the men who had tried to take him down. The people had been hoping and praying for the person who could take him down, but they were not putting much faith in the Ranger, although the girls quickly realized that they would be sad to see him die. Once he had sat down in the saloon, more of the ladies had gotten a good look at him. He had a strong jaw and vibrant eyes. Many of the town’s few whores had tried their hand at tempting the handsome man, but he waved them all off.

            It did not take long for word of the Ranger to reach Texas Red.

            “Well, boys, send word to this Ranger that I will meet him outside of the saloon at sundown,” said Texas Red confidently. He pulled out his pistol and began polishing it up for the evening’s show.

            Twenty minutes before sunset, Texas Red walked into the near-empty saloon. The Ranger appeared to be snoozing in the corner booth so Texas Red walked up to the bar. There was a pretty little girl at the end, whom Red had never seen before. Never one to skip the chance for a new pretty piece of tail, Red walked over and slid his hand down her back and gave her rear a good squeeze.

            “I would not do that if I were you,” said the girl, smiling up at him.

            “You ready to do this, Red?” the Ranger asked, very much awake.


            When River walked in the door, Jayne had nearly had a heart attack. She was supposed to be back on the ship! But no, instead she was in this little saloon, wearing one of her form fitting dresses looking all the world like some lost, innocent little girl. Jayne  gave her a questioning look but she just gave her a head a brief shake “no” and walked to the bar, ignoring Jayne’s presence. Jayne had not had to be married to River long to realize that sometime it was best to just go with her. Jayne figured that she knew something he did not so he just ignored her and feigned sleep, his chin resting on his chest, all the while, keeping a close eye on her.

            He watched Texas Red saunter into the saloon. Jayne was getting kind of bored up to now. But then he saw that little hun dan grab his wife’s ass and Jayne was suddenly very much fired up.


            Texas Red and the Ranger walked out into the street. The townsfolk were all watching from various windows, with a few of the braver ones actually standing outside. There was about 40 feet of road between the two men when they came to a stop. They looked each other in the eye, both had their hands ready for the draw. The townsfolk were waiting for the Ranger to hit the dirt as Texas Red claimed another victim. Suddenly, both men went for their guns.

            The swiftness of that Ranger is still talked about today.

            Texas Red hadn’t even gotten his gun all the way out of his holster before there was a bullet ripping through his heart. The Ranger just holstered his gun and walked over and began untying his horse. The townspeople were silent. The small girl from the bar came running up to him and he gave her a brief kiss and lifted her gently onto the horse before climbing up behind her and steering the horse away.


            Jayne gave River a kiss before lifting her into the saddle. He knew she was right to have come.


            Being pissed off always improved his aim.


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this is more or less a test to see if my new mood theme works!!!
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Series: Falling For the First Time

Title: I'm so thrilled to finally be failing

Author: deadpoetwoffie

Rating: G/PG

Disclaimer: I own nothing but  ’78 Nova with dinos on the dash…

Spoilers: none; it’s probably about 8 to 12 months post-BDM, but a bit AU…. :D

A/N  : This is un-beta’d, so any mistakes are my own.


sorry this has taken so long!!


Part 1

Part 2


            River had worked long and hard to get what was left of her sanity back and make sure it did not slip away. She was more or less completely in control of her mind, and she was very proud of herself. Mal saw her as sane enough to co-pilot the ship with Wash, and Simon saw her a competent to go out on jobs. She had spent o much time getting a firm grip on her emotions and now one of them was getting a mind of its own. She could not have been happier.

            River was falling for Jayne. He made her insides feel tingly when he smiled, or even just looked at her. Her pulse sped up when he entered the room and her cheeks flushed a light pink when they came into contact, no matter how small. She studiously watched out for him whenever they were on a job, and on those occasions when she did not accompany them, her mind was tinged with worry for him. She would rub the small ‘R’ on the necklace he had given her, worrying the trinket until he returned. She always breathed a deep sigh of relief when he came back unharmed.

            Jayne was falling for River. She had wormed her way into his mind. He now always checked the mirror before he left his bunk, wanting to look presentable for her. He tried not to care what other people thought. It was a skill he had been practicing for years, but the sight of her made him want to make sure he said and did the right thing. he found himself taking extra care on jobs when she was present, just so that she would not get hurt. And after she had stayed by his side as Simon stitched him up after a bullet had grazed his arm, a sorrowful look in her eyes, he made sure that he took extra care for himself as well. He would do anything not to see that sad, worried look in her eyes again.

            One evening, after dinner when most of the crew were off in their bunks, Jayne approached River’s bunk and knocked gently on the door.

            “Come in,” said River. She was sitting crossed legged on her bed, sketching slowly. Jayne eased open the door and took a tentative half-step into the small room.

            “Uh, well, I was wonderin’ if you, uh,” Jayne stumbled over his words a bit. He had not expected this to be that hard.


            “I just wanted to know if you wanted to come up to the mess with me. I was gonna clean some of my guns and I thought maybe you could do some drawing or something. You know, up in the mess. With me. If you wanted to…”

            River felt the familiar tingle begin in her belly and a soft blush rise to her cheeks. She fought the urge to smile widely and run into Jayne’s arms and kiss him square on the lips. She was pretty sure he was not ready for that. She settled for a small grin and a soft “That would be lovely.”

            River and Jayne sat at one end of the table, on opposite sides. River had knees pulled up to her, her sketch pad resting on them. Jayne had a few of his guns laid out on a cloth on the table before him. They sat in a pleasant silence.

            As Jayne finished shining his last weapon, River yawned.

            “I believe it is time for sleep,” she said.

            “Uh, yeah,” said Jayne. He was not eager for the night to end, but it was getting late and he knew that River must be tired. “I’ll just walk you to your bunk,” he said. “If that’s okay,” he added as an afterthought.

            “That is perfectly okay.”

            Jayne walked slowly to River’s room in the passenger dorms. He paused when they arrived there, unsure of what to do or what was supposed to happen next.

            River slid the door open slowly and took a small step inside before turning back to Jayne, who was standing nearly in the doorway.

            “I had a lovely time, tonight. Thank you.” She stood up on her tip toes and pressed a feather light kiss to the side of his mouth. Jayne just stood there, once again mystified, but this time quick enough to give her a kiss back before she shoved a piece of paper into his hand and then ducked into her room.

            River flopped down on her back on her bed. She could not have asked for a better first date.

            Jayne looked at the paper in his hands. It was a drawing that River had done. It was of her. That night, all of Jayne’s previous “artwork” was torn from the walls and replaced with his new favorite masterpiece.

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Title: Wise Men Say…

Author: deadpoetwoffie

Rating: PG

Spoilers: none

AN: the title comes from the Elvis song “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.” I’m kind of in a lovey, gooey mood, so yeah…..  (I hope this doesn’t suck)



She was a fool. She had been brought up in a meticulous house that seemed to exemplify order and propriety and here she was, seemingly throwing away her upbringing for some man. This man, from some meaningless, backwater planet appeared to be chaos and mayhem incarnate. He showed complete disregard for the rules of society and etiquette. He lived by the gun, killing whoever was in his way, whenever he deemed it necessary. He was in no way the man that she should be traipsing around after in the dead of night on some rickety boat that stayed in the air only out of spite for the universe through which if flew. Yet here she was, a fool, following the sounds of his boots walking up the stairs to the catwalk.

“Mal,” she said, not really sure of what to say. 

He was a fool. A complete, ruttin’ fool. He had been born and raised on the rim, far away from the fineries offered elsewhere in the ‘verse and yet here he was, forsaking his lowly birth and reaching for some woman he could never have and shouldn’t want in the first place. This woman, from some high-falutin’, fancy-pants core planet embodied everything that was not him. She was fine silk where he was dusty denim. She lived by the rules of her class, while he, more often than not, completely disregarded the rules unless they would actually play in his favor. Yet here he was, a fool, listening intently to the sound of her soft foot steps behind him.

“Inara,” he said, not at all sure of what to say.

She couldn’t help it. There was no use denying the effect this man had on her. She was amazed by his honesty. He stood up for his cause, whatever that maybe, with complete conviction. He refused to dance around with formalities just to keep someone from being uncomfortable. The fervor with which he protected his crew would be envied by even the most ardent activist. She had seen him kill with his own gun, his own hands yet she knew without a doubt that he was a good man. Her contemporaries at the training house would beg to differ but they had never seen the fire in this man’s eyes. She prided herself on being a strong, independent woman, but she longed for the chance to have his eyes emblazoned with the passion to protect her as he did his crew, to love her as he did this ship, to love her as she loved him.

“It’s late,” she said, reaching out to loop her arm through his.

He couldn’t help it. Some part of him was yellin’ and carryin’ on about how she represented that which took everything away from him. That little voice was sayin’ all sorts of things about why he should just ignore her, but lately that voice seemed to be getting quieter and quieter. She was beautiful. And not just because of her profession. He had seen her scared, confused, hurting. He had seen her when all of her training had flown right out the airlock and she was beautiful. She was a good woman. She was full of love, the real, unable-to-purchase kind. He had seen it every time she looked at Kaylee, every time she had held River when Simon wasn’t there. He silently hoped he would see it when she looked at him, the way he was filled with it every time he looked at her. 

“Yeah it is,” he said, draping his arm around her and pulling her close. “But better late than never.”

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Title: Falling For the First Time (part 2 of ?)

Author: deadpoetwoffie

Rating: G/PG

Disclaimer: I own nothing but  ’78 Nova with dinos on the dash…

Spoilers: none; it’s probably about 8 to 12 months post-BDM, but a bit AU…. :D

A/N  : This is un-beta’d, so any mistakes are my own.


This one is shorter than the previous one because I’m sick right now. L


Part 1


As everyone made their way back to the ship, only Jayne and River were silent.


They walked side by side back to the ship. As the Captain began unlocking the door, River once again leaned over to whisper to Jayne. 

“I must see to Simon first. I will meet you in the bay in 23 minutes.”

She ghosted away from him then, slipping her arm beneath Simon’s. 

“Come Simon, there are gifts to be bestowed!” She knew that Simon had purchased her something as well, and as grateful as she was, she really wanted to get back to Jayne. 

“Alright Mei-Mei.” Simon allowed his little sister to pull away to the passenger dorms. He turned back briefly to smile at Kaylee as she made her way to the engine room.

“Alright people. Let’s get off this rock,” said Mal in his most Captain-y voice. “Jayne, you help Zoë load the foodstuffs into the pantry. Wash, set a course for Paquin, we got contacts to be made.”

Everyone file out of the bay with their different orders. Jayne tried to help Zoë get everything stored away as quickly as possible without making it seem like he was in a rush. He apparently wasn’t doing a very good job.

“You got somewhere to be?” Zoë asked. 

“Just wanna get this done, maybe lift some weights before bed,” replied Jayne. He hoped that she hadn’t noticed the ever-so-slight blush that had quickly risen to his cheeks. If she did, she didn’t mention it. 

Once all of the food was stored away, Jayne tromped down into his bunk and quickly reached for something under the bed. He pulled out a little cardboard box and blew off the month’s worth of dust that had settled on it. He shoved it into his pocket and made his way to the cargo bay. 

“You are 31 seconds late. I was beginning to worry.” River was sitting crossed-legged on his weight bench, looking up at him with that smile of hers. She looked at him quizzically for a moment. “You have a gift as well?”

“Uh, yeah. It ain’t much, but uh…” Jayne fidgeted for a moment where e stood beside her before pulling the box out of his pocket and handing it to her. Their fingers brushed for the slightest moment and this time it was her cheeks he saw redden. 

She reverently pulled the lid off of the little box. Sitting on a piece of fluff was a thin strip of leather with a square metal piece attached to it in the center. Engraved on the square was the letter ‘R’. It was a necklace. She gingerly lifted it out of the box to look at it more carefully. It was nothing remarkable. It was obviously not expensive, but it was from him.

“Will you help me?” she asked, turning around so he could tie the necklace around her little neck. He was quite proud of himself that his hands only shook a little and he only touched her hair once, okay maybe twice while tying the leather. She turned around to face him again. “Thank you. I love it.” She smiled at him once again with the best smile she could manage. That alone was worth it to Jayne.

“Now it is my turn.” River reached below the weight bench and pulled out a box, much larger than the one her necklace had been in.

He took the box and opened it. It was a new belt holster. His current one had taken and bullet grazing on their previous job and had been unraveling ever since.

“Happiness is a warm gun.” River said quietly, trying to gauge his reaction to the gift. 

Jayne said nothing. He just sat the box and the holster on the bench beside River. He then moved to take off his belt, removing his old holster with it. He put his belt back on with the new on in place and slipped Boo into it to see how she fit. Perfect.

Jayne looked down at River at smiled. It was a real smile, too, not his usual smirk or half-grin, but a real smile, one just for her. “Thanks.” 

In a move that startled Jayne just a bit, River rose up to stand on her toes and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. Before he could stop himself, not that he really wanted to, he had given her a quick peck on the nose. 

“Simon is coming,” she whispered. “Goodnight.” And with that she floated off to the passenger dorms, leaving Jayne wondering when he had become so taken with a crazy little woman like her.


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Title: Falling For the First Time

Author: deadpoetwoffie

Rating: G/PG

Disclaimer: I own nothing but  ’78 Nova with dinos on the dash…

Spoilers: none; it’s probably about 8 to 12 months post-BDM, but a bit AU…. :D

A/N: princat gave me the prompt!! yay!!! Oh, and this may be way out of character for Jayne but I’m not so much with the caring ‘cause I like my muscle to be squishy on the inside J   (that sounded odd…..)

A/N 2 : The title comes from a Barenaked Ladies song of the same name. Lyrics are here.

Feedback is awesomeness!!



            The job had gone well, considering it had been one of Mal’s plans. It might not have gone so well had it not been for River and her “gift” On the way to the meeting spot she had calmly leaned forward in the in the mule and informed Mal that they were about to be double crossed. Mal acted genuinely shocked as he and Zoë began to formulate a way to defend themselves from the upcoming treachery. Jayne shook his head as River leaned back into her seat. He wasn’t a bit surprised this was happening. River just looked at him and smiled, she was always glad to be useful. He gave her a small smirk and nudged her playfully in the arm. 

            Their partnership was inevitable. After the events of Miranda River began going on more jobs and Mal thought it best that she stick with Jayne. He knew that the two of them could defend themselves and each other if necessary, and that Jayne had enough on-the-job training that would be useful information to River. Neither was thrilled at the arrangement at first, unsurprisingly, given their history. But River knew that Simon trusted Jayne and that had sealed the deal for her. If Simon could trust Jayne, then so could she. She realized that it had not been long until they began considering one another friends. 

            Now here they all were, the entire family of Serenity, minus Book, who was still on Haven fixing broken roofs and broken souls. They were all here enjoying a family meal at a small eatery on the space bazaar they had stopped at to refuel and shop for a few supplies after a job well done. When they arrived everyone had split up into a couple groups to do the shopping and to get the post. Kaylee had pulled River away for some girl time and the two spent their time browsing the shops and picking up a few knickknacks they could afford with the little coin they had. At one stop, while Kaylee was distracted by an array of pretties in a jewelry case, River slinked to a booth a few feet away to make a purchase that Kaylee didn’t even notice. 

            River and Kaylee were the last to arrive at the restaurant. 

            “Well there ya are. For a minute there we thought you had gone overboard with the shoppin’. We were just about to send out a search party,” said the Captain, a small grin on his face. “Ya’ll better sit down and order ‘fore we at without ‘cha.”

            “Did you have a nice time, Mei Mei?” Simon asked as Kaylee sat down next to him. River took the last seat left, next to Jayne. 

            “Yes. I purchased some new colored pencils and a Kaylee helped me pick out a very nice hair barrette. I also bought you a present.” River answered.

            “You didn’t have to. You should spend your money on yourself, not on me.”

            River smiled that special smile she reserved just for Simon. He knew how much she had grown, but he still occasionally saw her as the 14 year old he once knew. River sighed. 

            After everyone’s order was placed, conversation once again began. Noting that everyone else was occupied in some form of discussion, and not really knowing why she cared that they were, River leaned to her left, towards Jayne, and tapped him on the bicep.

            He looked down on her, a questioning look on his face. 

            “I bought you a present too. I shall give it to you when we are once again on Serenity.” River gave him her best smile, the one that she had been recently saving just for him.

            “Uh, ok,” was all Jayne managed to say. River had bought him something. He had bought her something too, only it had been a few weeks ago when they had last made landfall. He had bought the gift on instinct but then hadn’t known how to go about giving it to the girl. Had had found that more and more lately he didn’t know what to do when it came to her. They were fine when they were on a job. Both were perfectly focused to the task at hand and they worked as a cohesive unit, getting the job done and doing it well. But when they weren’t on a job, that’s when Jayne found himself in trouble. He had taken to watching her when she wasn’t looking. He had committed her scent to memory and could now tell if she were in the room or recently had been just by smell. 

            He had also begun brushing into her in the hallways on “accident” just to have an excuse to touch her hair. He swore to himself he wasn’t going soft over some girl, but there he was, buying her a little trinket for some reason that was way above him. Now she had gone and gotten him something and he didn’t know what to do. It was fine when he just observed from afar, but she had obviously been doing some observing herself. That changed the landscape more than a little and Jayne was a man who was always wary of change. 

            River was worried. Jayne didn’t say another thing to her for the duration of the meal. What if he did not want a gift from her? She knew she wasn’t what he usually sought out in a woman but she thought that they had become close. She had been watching him very closely the past few months and had even confided in Inara about her feelings. She would have told Kaylee but she didn’t want to risk Simon finding out. Inara told her that her secret was safe and had assuaged her fears that everything she was feeling was perfectly normal. She knew Inara wasn’t entirely comfortable with her choice, but Inara understood that matters of the heart were rarely understood by anyone. 

            As everyone made their way back to the ship, only Jayne and River were silent.






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Title: Hallelujah
Author: [profile] deadpoetwoffie
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: It’s post-series, but pre BDM. Slight spoilers for Heart of Gold, but other than that, nothing.
Disclaimer: Joss owns the verse. Rufus Wainwright owns the song.
A/N: So I took a lavender bubble bath whilst listening to my mp3 player. Blame that.
A/N Part II: This fic is totally inspired, if not based on, the song “Hallelujah” by Rufus Wainwright. Read the lyrics first. ‘Cause the song is 42 kinds of really awesome. If I knew how to post an mp3 of it, I would. If someone has it and would like to share, please do.

PS I really hope this doesn’t suck.


She left you.

The phrase floated around constantly in Mal’s mind. It tore at him. Ate at him. Consumed him. He knew he was being a hwoon dan to his crew, but just when he would think to correct himself and his manner, there it would be.

She left you.

She hadn’t left because she could no longer bear Jayne’s vulgarity. Kaylee hadn’t become too cheerful for her to stand. Simon’s well-bred etiquette never reminded her too much of what she had left behind. River wasn’t too crazy. Zoë and Wash weren’t too much in love. Shepherd hadn’t been too preachy.

It had to have been him.        

He stood before the most beautiful woman and let it be known that he wanted to tell her something. She left before he even had time to tell himself exactly what it was he needed to say.

Inara had left him.

And now that was all he could think.

He went to bed restless once again. His mind filling with thoughts of her and her scent and her eyes and her hands…

The next morning he woke much earlier than the rest of the crew. He found a spare piece of paper and scribbled a message to Zoë on it, explaining what he could.

He silently crept through the ship and into the shuttle. Her shuttle. Somehow it would always be her shuttle.

They were orbiting a border moon and he set a course for a docking station as he pulled the shuttle away from Serenity. When he landed he took what money he had, actually having gone into the secret stash hidden beneath his bunk in an old cigar box of his father’s, and found the transport he was looking for. He boarded the vessel and thought only of her.

*                                                                         *                                                                   *

That morning Zoë and Wash, usually up right with Mal, encountered a note on the ladder to their bunk. In Mal’s unmistakable scrawl it simply read:

I’ve gone to Sihnon. We will be back.

*                                                                         *                                                                   *

Mal arrived on Sihnon at dusk. He walked the grounds, searching. He peeked in window after window, looking for any sign of her. Finally, when he had nearly given up, he slinked onto another patio and realized that an all too familiar fragrance filled the air. He walked silently to the curtained glass door and gently rapt his knuckles on it.

He heard faint shuffling from inside. She timidly pulled back the curtain, curious as to who would visit her at this hour. He felt as much as heard her gasp.

She opened the door and Mal wasted no time in greetings or verbal explanations. He stepped inside and took her hand, placing a loving kiss to her knuckles. He cupped her face with his palm and took a deep breathe of her scent. Just as she was about to say something, he tugged her face to his and told her everything with his kiss.

He broke the kiss and they both just stood there, silent. She wiped a tear away from her eye then tenderly pushed his brown coat off of his shoulders. She took his hand and quietly led him to her bed. They lay peacefully, wrapped in each other’s embrace. They would face everything tomorrow. They would talk of the whys and the why-nots.  They would be angry, they would be passionate, they might yell and scream, but right now they were making it real. The dark moved around them, setting their love in stone. This is how they began and this is how they would end, they would work out the details of the in between part later.

They would never be perfect and they knew it. They might not even be happy all of the time. They would hurt each other. They would tear each other apart at the seams. But in the end, they would be the only thing holding each other together in the first place.

They held each other tightly through the night, daring the day to break them.

*                                                                        *                                                                  *

When he awoke the next morning he was in the shuttle, Inara’s shuttle, again. It no longer carried the fragrance of her incense or the satin of her sheets but his mind didn’t seem to care.

Ever since she’d left he would end up here on particularly restless nights. He never remembered making the trip across the ship.  He only knew that he would see her in his sleep and he would wake up here, still hoping he would someday get his hallelujah.

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Title: Fireworks, Freedom, and Fish

Author: deadpoetwoffie

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Mr. Whedon created the crew. Terimaru created the fish. Ceclas wrote Independents Day and A Doll. I’m just here to play.

A/N:  This is for you, ceslas!! This is for you!!

A/N: There is a Douglas Adams reference in this fic, just because I am an uber geek. Oh, and I know that fish don’t really have throats, but I don’t really care.




            Sashimi and I were discussing the meaning of life, the universe, and everything when River ran exuberantly into the shuttle and up to our bowl.

            “Today is the day we remember why those we love fought to be free. Today is the day we must celebrate. There will be much dancing and laughter, but the festivities will not be complete if the entire family is not in attendance!” I noticed then that River held the smaller bowl that Inara often used to take us on walks around Serenity. It was already filled with water. River carefully retrieved both of us and transferred us to the smaller bowl.

            “We must leave at once! We do not want to be late!” With our bowl in hand, River skipped out of the shuttle and down the ramp.

            Once outside, Sashimi and I eagerly swam about, taking in the sights and sounds of our surroundings. River came to a stop by a pile of wood.

            “This looks to be a prime location for surveillance of the evening. Have fun!” River set down the bowl atop the pile and danced off.

            “Isn’t this amazing?” I asked Sashimi.

            “Ooh! I think the Captain is about to give a speech!”

            We listened, heart in our throats, as Mal spoke from the heart about the Independents and their sacrifice.

            When he finished Sashimi looked over at me. “We have a good family, Sushi.”

            “I know,” was all I could say.

            Once the poignant moment subsided, the music and laughter returned with full force. We danced around in the water occasionally but we found the most amusing thing to do was to simply watch Jayne.

            While we knew that Jayne did not particularly care for us, he was still family. And it is always fun to watch family make complete fools of themselves.

            After having a little too much of Paraiso’s fine apple-pie moonshine, Jayne decided to dance. The man was the picture of grace when it came to handling a dangerous weapon, but dancing was obviously not his forte. We chose to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that, had he not been a tad tipsy, he would have made a fine dance partner. Now he was about as graceful as a wounded water buffalo. Oh, the hilarity!

            Mal and Inara had danced, holding each other close, looking as if they would never let each other go. Mal also danced with Alley, holding her in his arms and swaying around to the music. We watched with wonder as Mal carried his sleeping daughter to bed, carefully tucking her in along with her favorite doll. It was a great comfort to be among family.

            Much to our amusement, Jayne chose a spot by the woodpile we were perched on as his place of sleep for the night. He not only talks in his sleep, but also sings occasionally as well.

            We awoke the next morning to the sound of Alley, running around the campsite, doll in hand. I heard the rip of fabric as she left Jayne and my heart sank. Alley’s favorite doll had ripped. I glared at Jayne through the bowl and was rewarded with a startled jump as he looked up and noticed our bowl. Even the young salamander, Everett was his name, whom I had been talking to, gave Jayne a good hiss of irritation as the hulking mercenary pulled himself up.

            We watched Jayne carry the doll back to Serenity. River came soon after and picked up the bowl.

            “It is time to go home. The festivities are over. Did you have an nice time?” I told her we did, and I am pretty sure she actually understood me.

            When we were back in the shuttle, once again in our large bowl, I noticed something strange.

            “Did Inara put this here yesterday?” I asked Sashimi, gesturing to a piece of red string floating in the water.

            “No. Why would she put that in the water? She usually just puts the ribbon on the outside.” Sashimi hesitated for a moment, looking up at something else floating in the water. “Is that…stuffing?”

            “You know,” I answered, “I really don’t want to know.”

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Title: Wedding Day Bliss (fishie and M/I fluff...the two best kinds!!)
Author: deadpoetwoffie
Rating: G or PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing!
A/N: This is for terimaru, who made me feel special today!!! Thanks!!
A/N Pt 2: I FINALLY got to use a gills reference in this one!!!! Yay!!! Oh, and I am in no way trying to make this fishily realistic. Sushi and Sashimi are special fish! they can do things other fish can't!!

          It was a beautiful ceremony. Sashimi and I had overheard the Captain and Inara speak about marriage and the like but we were surprised that they went through with it as quickly as they did. Sashimi and I had been discussing the future of our relationship as well and decided that if that day was good enough for Mal and Inara, then it was good enough for us.

I awoke before my lovely bao bei Sashimi, and fluttered around nervously, attempting to make sure that all of my scales were gleaming and that I looked the part. I certainly wanted to put my best fin forward on this precious day.
          Sashimi and I waited anxiously that entire morning. River, who had become a dear friend of ours and who I sensed could understand us in a way that no one else could, had told us that we would be needed for Mal and Inara's ceremony. We were both very honored.
          "Do I look alright?" Sashimi asked me for what had to be the fortieth time that day.
          "Of course, my love, you look beautiful." I saw the blush rise from her gills at the complement. I always knew how to make her smile!
          When the time had come, River came into the shuttle, some very intimidating looking tools in her hands.
          "Do not worry my little ichthyological friends, I have come to take you into the world!" With that, River began working on loosening from the floor the stand our large bowl rested on. When she was finished, she reached into her pocket and pulled out two rings. Which she dropped into the water with us. "These are for Captain Daddy and Mommy Inara. They haven't any rings for fish, so I brought you a special treat instead." She dropped in two tiny pieces of food we had never seen before. "Do not eat them now," she said, "wait for the wedding."
          I have never been so nervous in my entire life as I had been when river carried our bowl down that aisle. Me, who once in my youth swore to never be a one woman fish, was settling down for good. But it was worth it. The look on Sashimi's face told me that it would be worth it. When we stopped at the alter by Inara and Mal, I could see that their expression seemed to perfectly convey every emotion I was feeling right now. Joy. Nervousness. Excitement. And love. Mostly love.

As the good shepherd said the words and Mal and Inara exchanged rings, Sashimi and I each ate the very special treat that River had given us. I watched as the captain kissed Inara and I suddenly felt fins beside me and Sashimi planted a peck on my cheek. Having been immersed in water, no one noticed the small tear of complete and utter joy that escaped from my eye. They were happy with their forever love, and so was I.
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Hey! my rich text editor is back! It disappeared yesterday! Okay. I was surfing the web and I found a site that has all of these "You Know You're From _______ When..." lists on it and I felt a little left out. It had one for Arkansas on there but it was a little too "backwater-idiot" for me. So I decided to make my own list!!!

You Know You're From Jonesboro, Arkansas When...

~ you have to explain to out of town realitives why you and your friend went to different school districts and yet lived in the same town, only 5 minutes away from each other

~ you understand that your town is owned pretty much by 3 groups of people: the Fowler's, St.Bernards, and BelzBurrow

~ you or a family member/close friend has been on KAIT at least once

~ you know what the convo is

~ you know you aren't as uptown as Little Rock, but you are way better than Paragould

~ even though they have all been around for years, you still differentiate them as "Old Wal-Mart" and "New Wal-Mart" and "Old Malco" and "New Malco"

~ you could go into a different bank, church or Mexican restaurant every day for a month, if not for longer

~ you can't give directions in town without using Highland, Caraway or Stadium

~ you've ever gone to Memphis or Little Rock for vacation

~ you've had a conversation with a friend about how we have the only escalator in NEA

~ you know what NEA stands for

~ you have no trouble saying "East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging"

~ you've ever gone to Wal-Mart because there was nothing else to do

~ you actually get this list!!!!!

okay, if you have anything you would like to add, just leave me a comment.....
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Title: Love at First Swim
Author: deadpoetwoffie
Disclaimer: I really wished I owned them, but alas, I am but a minion for the cause.
Rating: PG
A/N: This is just a ficlet. For some reason my brain will only allow me to write from the POV of a fish in short bursts. All of my sushi fics will be a "series" but the timeline will skip around some. For the first click here. Oh, and I couldn't remember in which fic Sashimi was introduced so I just kind of ran with the generic plot bunny on this one.

Love At First Swim

          I was loving my life, I truly was, but more and more I began to realize that something was missing. For the first time in my life I was lonely. Of course, the crew were lovely to have around, except for Jayne who looked at me a bit too hungrily I must admit, but other than that life was grand. I lived in a spacious bowl and was fed as often as I needed to be by beautiful girls who giggled and talked to me. I learned so much during those first few months on Serenity.
          Inara was always one for conversation. She would often sit on the edge of the bed and talk to me about various things while Mal was out on a job or just generally busy doing his "captain-y" things. She talked mostly about her "new" life on Serenity. She would tell me what things were changing and what things always managed to stay the same. If she and Mal would have an argument she would sometimes just pace the room and vent her frustrations by telling how stupid Mal was or some such.

 In the end she would always stop pacing and look around the shuttle. The shuttle has changed quite a bit since I first came aboard. There is of course new paint and new furniture but much more than that has changed. Now, instead of it being a space occupied solely by Inara's things, it now held much of Mal's as well.

It wasn't like he just left some stuff there that looked out of place. No, it was different. Their things seemed to blend. The shuttle wasn't just hers anymore. It wasn't his either. It was theirs. So much love could be seen and felt in this little space that I began to feel a bit left out. I was lonely.
          Then one day they brought in an all too familiar looking plastic baggie. At first, my heart sank. I hadn't been up to snuff lately. I wasn't my excited self anymore. I thought that they wouldn't notice but they apparently had. I figured that I had finally met my demise and that they were going to replace me.

But when they did not reach in to pull me out I began to relax. Then my heart began beating faster. Surely, it couldn't be. They placed the fish in my bowl and squatted down to gauge my reaction.
She was the most beautiful fish in all the 'verse.
           Not wanting to seem overly excited, I swam casually over to her.
           "I'm Sushi. Welcome to Serenity. She may look a bit worn, but she always flies true. She's got herself one heck of a crew, too. I think you'll like it here among the stars."
She said nothing. She just stared at me with those beautiful eyes. I thought for sure that she figured I was a crazy space fish. She looked refined, like she had come from a pet shop, specially bred to be beautiful in all ways. For what seemed forever she just looked at me, with the occasional glance about her surroundings. She swam around some, casually inspecting our habitat. Finally she spoke.
          "I am Sashimi. It is a pleasure to meet you."
           From that moment on, I was in love.
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Title: From the Journal of ………..Sushi.

Author: deadpoetwoffie

Spoilers: none that I can see

Disclaimer: terimaru owns the fish and Joss owns the ‘verse. I just get to play in the fish tank every once in a while.

Rating: G

A/N: This is my challenge fic in which I completely ignored the challenge. J I have been wanting to do this for a while now, but the muse just smacked me upside the head with it tonight. I had no choice. If anybody wants me to continue and write more of this fashion, I will surely try my best.


I come from a long line of carnival fish. It’s an alright life, floating around in a little plastic baggie until someone comes along and wins you, whisking you off to their home way out here on the rim.


In all honesty, I’ve always felt that it was a bit too confining for me. I’ve always considered myself to be a free spirit. I knew that I was meant for something bigger. Something more.


Yet the way that the chubby little kid was looking at me, I got the sinking feeling in my gut that I was going to end up in just another dustbowl township, dying of malnutrition at a young age. This little kid didn’t know how to care for a fish like me. He would drop me in a glass cup (if I was lucky it would be a bowl), and forget about me. I wouldn’t be fed, my water would go unchanged, and I would die - just another anonymous fish in the circle of life.


I didn’t want that mediocrity. I wanted to see the stars. From what little I had seen of them, mostly during the carnival at night, they were beautiful.


I couldn’t let myself come into the clutches of the plump child in front of me. I did the only thing I could do. I closed my eyes and swished my self upside down to float at the top of the bag. I felt the water jostle around me. When it settled I peeked with one eye. The bag next to me was gone. That was a close call! I still had the possibility of freedom in my life. I was content.


Later that evening, I was star gazing when I heard the familiar ting of ducks being shot. Only this time they were all shot- every one of them. I knew that meant the lucky winner got to pick any prize they wanted.


I tore my gaze from the stars to see if I would be interested.  There was man and a woman. The man wore a long brown coat and a bit of a mischievous grin. The woman next to him was beautiful. These were not folk from around here. These were travelers. These people could take me to the stars.


I eagerly began making myself look as desirable as possible. I swam around, not too excitedly, but enough to proclaim that I was not a lazy fish. I was a fish of intellect. I wanted this to show. The woman’s face came to rest in front of my bag. She smiled sweetly, so I swam to the side and let my face rest against the bag, trying to say, “I choose you.” 


She gently lifted my bag.


“I’ll take this one,” I heard her say.  


I saw more stars that night than I ever thought possible. I had never realized how much sky there truly was.


I was taken to their home, a large ship named Serenity. I was given a proper bowl. She, Inara is her name, even spruced up my living quarters a bit with some ribbon. That night, Inara, the man (Mal) and I had a nice conversation. Well, mostly I did the talking and they….they decided speak to each other with their hands (and other body parts). I remember there was much talk of a haircut but they obviously use some definition of haircut I’ve never heard before. To be honest, they made me blush. But even amidst all of their excitement they gave me a name.


When the other occupants of Serenity arrived I realized that I was going to have a nice extended family. The younger one keeps reminding, the very large, very loud one that there is something that they haven’t told me in relation to my name, but I have come to terms with the fact that I may not really want to know.


In any case, I like it here. I now know my place in this ‘verse. I am Sushi: Fish of the Sky.

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